BizTalk REST Support Resources

Microsoft offers REST support in BizTalk Server 2013 through the WCF-WebHttp Adapter. Something that has been anticipated by BizTalk developers for sometime. With BizTalk Server 2010 there was already quite a demand resulting:
REST API’s have grown big on the web. Twitter, Google, Salesforce, eBay, Amazon all offer REST API's to use their services. Together with the increase of mobile devices and light weight rich (Ajax) web applications the adoption of REST grows more and more. So the Microsoft BizTalk product group has made a good decision by supporting REST through the new BizTalk release 2013. Since there is so much REST API’s available now it wouldn't be a surprise if this leads to more integration solution requiring communication with RESTful services.

The integration solution can have BizTalk Server as one of its components and within an enterprise it can even be the heart of the messaging infrastructure supporting many protocols. Adding REST support will mean that BizTalk will provide even more value.

For you developers out there here is a list of resources (up to date) around BizTalk and REST:
I think these resources will get you on your way building a (hybrid) solution with BizTalk 2013 and REST. There will some overlap in case you go through all these resources, yet you will get a good understanding of the REST Support in BizTalk 2013.



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