A few notes from the Hybrid Organisation Event - London

Last week I attended the Hybrid Organisation Event in London. A story on the event can be found on BizTalk360 blog. I enjoyed it and was good to see some friends and my old colleagues Sander Nefs and Rene Brauwers,

After event Sander wrote to two interesting posts on Windows Azure Services Bus after seeing Sam VanHoutte session:

In my previous post I pointed out to where slides of Sam his session on WABS can be found. In case you like to learn more about Richard’s talks on integration you see view his courses on Pluralsight (look for Patterns of Cloud Integration).

Clemens had an interesting session during that day that lasted two hours: next wave of integration (device to cloud). You can see more on this topic through Channel 9 Clemens Vasters Subscribe (look for Device to Cloud Series).

It was well organized and successful event. Organized by Microsoft UK and Michael Stephenson , who spoke during that event on his experience with Azure and integration at Bupa.


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