BizTalk PaaS: Windows Azure BizTalk Services – Part V

Windows Azure BizTalk Services is a relative new technology offered by Microsoft through Windows Azure. The service was launched beginning of June during the TechNet North America. It is still in preview mode. I have written a few posts on this technology through this blog.

During the recent event in London called the Hybrid Organisation, Sam VanHoutte from Codit presented A lap around the Windows Azure BizTalk Services. You can find the slides through slide share. He did the same presentation at the recent BizTalk User Group in the Netherlands.

Today I wrote a post on the TechNet Wiki Blog:

Since this is a fairly new technology you will not find many practical articles on how to implement solutions with it or how to's. Other than the MSDN documentation and a few blog posts there is of course the TechNet Wiki. Here you can find on the BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki page under Windows Azure BizTalk Services section a few articles.

You can read the rest of the article here.

Next week the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Days will take place and this technology will be discussed and presented there as well in the following sessions:
In case you are there, see you then!


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