BizTalk Professionals can find there tools through the TechNet Wiki

In past I have written quite a few articles for the TechNet Wiki and I sometimes blog on TechNet Wiki Blog. One of my recent posts was on tools:

There are many tools 3rd party available or from Microsoft that can help a professional in building robust applications. This accounts for many technologies and server products like BizTalk Server, .NET, and SharePoint. The TechNet Wiki plays an essential role describing these tools, how to use them and where you find them.

As professionals you will be more productive when it comes to testing your solution, verifying the installation of the server product or troubleshooting an issue when using tools of the trade. Not only tools can be helpful, but also reading articles about testing or building your solution, and many other cases. The TechNet Wiki also harbors many of these kinds of articles.

You can read further here.



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