BizTalk Server 2013: New Adapters Series: SFTP

In march I promised to do a post on the last new adapter released with BizTalk Server 2013: SFTP. I wanted to discuss all the new adapters and did so for the relays, SB-Messaging and WebHttp. I forgot about SFTP. I got reminded of that fact when I read latest TechNet Wiki article  by Suleiman Shakhtour.

Excerpt of the article:

In the BizTalk 2010 release, Microsoft enhanced the existing FTP adapter to support SSL (FTPS) which encrypting the data transfers between systems. With the BızTalk 2013 release, Microsoft added the SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol also called Secure File Transfer Protocol), which has been anticipated for many years. In the past for one had to rely on the open source adapter developed by Blogical found on CodePlex or an adapter from commercial third parties (like /n software SFTP).

You can further read the article on the TechNet Wiki: BizTalk Server:How to use SFTP Adapter in BizTalk Server 2013. You will read how to configure and test the adapter yourself.

I think this article tells the story and will save me time written a full blog post on the adapter. So thanks to Suleiman for writing this article.


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