BizTalk Server 2013: Connect to Window Azure Blob Storage Article

On of the demo’s during Developing Hybrid Solutions with Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 and Windows Azure presentation talk was about connecting to Windows Azure Storage and pushing a document to a blob container. Based on that demo I created a TechNet Wiki article. What was missing in the demo was functionality to strip path from ReceivedFilename context property. I created a pipeline for it to do so and build the complete messaging solution.

Here is the abstract of the TechNet Wiki article:

BizTalk Server 2013 supports connectivity with Windows Azure through its new adapters WCF-BasicHttpRelay, WCF-NetTcpRelay, WCF-WebHttp and SB-Messaging. The relay adapters enables connectivity with relay service in Windows Azure Service Bus. SB-Messaging adapters provides means to connect to queue and subscriptions (topic). Finally the WCF-WebHttp for instance supports connectivity to REST endpoints.

Windows Azure Storage and other services in Windows Azure and the cloud support a REST Interface to connect to. The WCF-WebHttp adapter can be used to connect to the Windows Azure Storage Service. A benefit of connecting to Windows Azure Storage and making use of this service is that you can store large amounts of unstructured text or binary data. In case you need to pull or push documents to Windows Azure you can connect to Windows Azure SQL Database or Windows Azure Storage. The latter offers storage of documents at lower costs.

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