BizTalk Summit 2013

This year another BizTalk Summit will take place. A recollection of last year’s event is described in a blog post by Michael Stephenson.

The 2-day conference last year the was held in December on the Microsoft Campus. It was followed up by BizTalk conference in January in Amsterdam, London and Stockholm.  Both the US and European BizTalk events were successful. Each with over a 100 or 200 participants. Microsoft Products was present at each of the events, speaking and engaging the community .

The BizTalk Summit this year will follow directly after the MVP Summit and the Registration of this event is now open!

The event is focused on Microsoft Integration technologies, which includes BizTalk Server, the Windows Azure BizTalk Services, and the Windows Azure Service Bus. During the summit you can expect presentations, discussions, and labs to help you understand Microsoft's Integration strategy and roadmap. Since there will quite a few Microsoft Integration MVP (I expected a dozen or so) and Microsoft Product Group members present the discussion part will be interesting.

Event is November 21-22, intended for Integration Architects and SMEs, MVPs, BizTalk Insiders, Partners, Customers, and Microsoft Integration specialists. It will be hosted at the Fairmont Hotel, Downtown Seattle.

I can recommend the following hotels:
I am looking forward to attend this event as I am very interested to hear about the progress made with Windows Azure BizTalk Services, the Windows Azure Service Bus and the future roadmap of BizTalk Server itself. In case you are coming over, I am looking forward to meet you too.



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