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I regularly write blog posts for the TechNet Wiki Blog or WikiNinjas - Official Blog of TechNet Wiki. This blog acts a catalyst for the TechNet Wiki. Every day of the week a blog post is created on different topics (categories):
The blog started in October 2011 and is now active for two years. I happen to be one of the first people onboard as a blogger. I usually write posts on Monday, Tuesday or Sunday. One of my recent posts was an Interview with fellow Microsoft Integration MVP Leonid Ganeline. The blog is worth reading as it will give you information on the activity on the TechNet Wiki, people involved, the community and an occasional surprise.

The interview with Leonid was one of the few interviews I have done for this blog over the last couple of years. The other interviews were on:
Each of the interviewed people has created one or more TechNet Wiki articles on BizTalk and Microsoft Integration related technologies. All express a warm feeling for the TechNet Wiki as it still is an evolving platform.


Steef-Jan Wiggers

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