Windows Azure BizTalk Services: TNWiki Articles

Last year in November the Windows Azure BizTalk Service (WABS) were made general available for the public. From that moment I have started to explorer the technology further, which resulted in a few articles I published on the TechNet Wiki.

The following list is the recent articles I have published on the TechNet Wiki about WABS:
These articles are listed in the general access page for all kinds of resources of WABS called: Windows Azure BizTalk Services Resources on the TechNet Wiki. This page can be viewed a landing place for all kinds of resources you can find within the TechNet Wiki and other places. The articles range from infrastructure to developer aspects of WABS.

The TechNet Wiki offers in my view a substantial amount of content that extends the documentation of WABS. In case you like to learn more about WABS than the TechNet Wiki page can be a good starting point. In the upcoming BizTalk Saturday I will use that content in combination with some labs I have prepared for the event. This event will actually be the first to occur in the Netherlands. Looking forward to that one.

Back to the TechNet Wiki. If you feel you like to share some of your experience or insights about WABS you can start thinking about the option to write a TechNet Wiki article. The TechNet Wiki offers an extensive amount of resources and guidance around writing an article. In case you go for this option I suggest the following blog post to start with: Wiki Life: Planning a Great Article. It can be great learning experience and a new way of collaborating with fellow professionals in the field.



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