More BizTalk articles on the TechNet Wiki

About two and a half years ago I wrote a post on the TechNet Wiki blog about the BizTalk Server activity on the TechNet Wiki. Back then we (the TechNet Wiki) had about 40 articles on BizTalk Server. Summarized and accessible through the BizTalk Server resources on the TechNet Wiki article that I reckon by now everyone has bookmarked in their browser.

Going forward the TechNet Wiki has seen a tremendous grow of articles and increase in contributors ranging from MVP's, Microsoft employees and BizTalk community members. Besides the increase in content a new version of BizTalk Server (2013) has been released and it's cloud counterpart Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services (before known as Windows Azure BizTalk Services). The best entry point is, no surprise there: Windows Azure BizTalk Services resources on the TechNet Wiki.

Now let's jump into the numbers. End of 2011 around 40 BizTalk articles. Now almost two and half years later around 140 article common to all BizTalk versions, around 15 for 2006 R2/2009 version, around 80 for BizTalk 2010, around 30 for 2013 version and last but not least 20 for BizTalk Services. You can do the math here and see that is more than a sevenfold increase. With the growing numbers of contributors (around fifty people now), and the TechNet Wiki Guru competition we will see an increase to an eight fold easily or more at the end of the year!

I like to say to all contributors of the BizTalk based TechNet Wiki articles:

"Keep them coming!"

From experience I know that a lot of people value the articles. During BizTalk Summits and speaking engagements I get a lot valuable and positive feedback. This recognition and appreciation gets me and the other contributors motivated and inspired to keep on going.

In case you have a good idea for an article then do not hesitate to post it on the TechNet Wiki. Most of the active community members on the Wiki can help you out and provide guidance.



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