Looking back at 2014

Close to  the end of the year 2014. It has again been quite a year from me, travelling to different places of our world. Some familiar and some new places. 2014 brought me to the following cities, area’s and countries:
London 1

London 2

Ireland 1

Italy 3

Italy 2

BizTalk Summit 4

Kuala 1
Aus 9

Aus 1
Spain 1
Norway 2
For one it has been a very busy year like last year 2013. To summarize all my activity bullet wise:
Aus 6
BizTalk Summit 1

BizTalk Summit 2

Soccer 1
Marathon 1
For me personally I am happy to finally been to Australia and had a great time speaking at three cities. I really like to thank Saravana Kumar, Dean Robertson, BizTalk360 and Mexia to make this possible. Both companies made a huge commitment and made a tremendous investment in the community. Besides BizTalk360 and Mexia there are some other companies that have shown a lot of affection to our integration (BizTalk) community like: Codit, Quicklearn and Bouvet.

Aus 8

Aus 5

After the event I had a great time with my friends Mikael Hakansson and Mick Badran. Both showing me the Aussie way of live. Thanks guys!

Aus 3

I am also happy to see that both Richard Seroter and Stephen W. Thomas, two of my other friends, welcomed a healthy, lovely daughter in their family lives: Charlotte and Haydon.

To conclude I have had an amazing year spending working on several integration projects, travelling, seeing the Seahawks become SuperBowl champs, seeing my kids grow up, spending time with the family, friends and of course the BizTalk community. Thanks everyone for reading my blog and I will continue to share my knowledge through speaking and writing in 2015.




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