Creating a basic integration with Logic Apps

The new kid on the block in Microsoft’s integration portfolio is Logic Apps. And for those who do not know what a Logic App is; it’s a hosted piece of integration logic in Microsoft Azure. To be more precise the hosting is done in Azure in a similar way as a Web App and the logic are built by creating a trigger followed by a series of actions similar to a workflow. And you can simply create and built them in a browser reducing development and lead-time. In just a couple minutes up to perhaps an hour you can have one running.

The beauty of Logic Apps is that Microsoft provides tons of connectors that will enable you to connect quickly through various protocols and with an wide range of applications. And runs in the cloud meaning that you as developer have to worry less about hosting, scalability, availability and management. As a developer, you can focus on the connectivity and logic in the Logic App. Add a trigger, a few actions, configure, save, secure, test and you are ready to add value to your business. Integration at the speed of light as figure of speech or in other words integrations will no longer be the bottleneck for IT to run at the speed of business.

With Logic Apps, its connectors and other capabilities, there are numerous, if not countless, scenario’s you can think of. For example, you can setup HTTP trigger i.e. endpoint that accept a payload, which subsequently is handled in the Logic App to be processed.

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