Web 2.0 Applications, where have I been ...

Steef-Jan Wiggershttp://SteefJanW.bebo.com/

I must say I like this web 2.0. In a previous post I mentioned Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0. As you have noticed I use Technorati and LinkedIn. Now I also have started using Plaxo, Bebo, Last.fm, and Fickr. Nice to see what you can do on the web compared to what you could do a couple of years ago, when most things were static. What I really like is last.fm, where you can listen to all sorts of music. I must say all these apps and probably more off them are just awesome. I must have been asleep last one, two years or more having not noticed all this. I was probably having my head too much in BizTalk, SOA and so on. Well back to exploring these apps some more and become a digitali.