First Day LEAP 2008 Redmond

Yesterday I arrived at Redmond in the afternoon together with lots of other LEAP 2008 participants. A couple of them joined together and went to Seattle Needle and downtown. We had a nice meal at P F Changs and did some shopping.

Today here in Redmond LEAP started with a look into the future. A couple of sessions are setup ranging from architecture to technology. Most information is classified so I am not able to divulge that information. What I can tell is that most session are around new evolving technologies like DSP (automation of deploying server product like SQL Server and so on), Volta or Internet Service Bus. Latter one is already present as preview on and presented during SOA & BPM Conference last November 2007 or have a look at this webcast on channel 9.

Tonight will have a nice evening with food, drink and playing billiards at House of Billiards in Bellevue.


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