High Performance Learning Environment for BizTalk Part I - Concept

In post I would like to explain my view of how one can be very productive inside a BizTalk Development/Production Environment by setting up the right learning environment, installing open source tooling to help you as a developer/administrator with testing, setting up projects, development, deployment, monitoring and so on. Schematic overview below will outline what I am going to do in near future in what I will call High Performance Learning Environment for BizTalk. In coming posts I will go through each step.

By following these steps displayed above one will gain fully understanding and experience in developing BizTalk Solutions with High Quality, how to test, deploy and monitor it. So in the coming posts I would like to explain and share my experiences with this concept. In my humble opinion going through these steps one will familiarize itself BizTalk in a complete holistic way using a lot of the potential BizTalk Platform offers combined with tools out there.


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