SOA & BPM Conference Keynote

Conference has started. It was kicked off by Eddie Amos. Even though there is a financial crisis going on and conference has been made condensed to 2 days :( there are:


The it started of with Steve Martin debunking the myths around SOA. Is dead or alive? A lot of hype around it being alive or dead (see Anne Thomas Manes). Here are some myths:

So judging from Steve Martin's talk SOA is alive; we are just at the beginning!!!


Microsoft will be bring technology to get us there:

WCF, WF, IIS/Dublin, Windows Azure Services Platform.


Microsoft invested a lot of money in cloud computing (i.e. datacenters and technology).


Good talk from Steve Martin.

HP Mark Davis Partner perspective for SOA.

SOA Foundation:


Basically High level talk about SOA inside commercial flight (AirSOA). Next some more around SOA from customer perspective like Boeing, Chevron and MacDonald's. Some introduction to audience and then questions were asked by speaker Eddie Amos.


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