BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer V1.2 on my Sandbox

BPA (BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer) 1.2 is out a couple of months already. I did not think of using it on one of my sandboxes, so I tried on my Sandbox with BizTalk Server 2009 on Windows 2008 Standard Edition OS and SQL Server 2008 Developer Edition. In past I did a blog post of using BPA. First thing one must do is check for updates.


After no updates where found I did a scan.


Resulted in this:


Some jobs have not been enabled or run. Common issues since I came across them before and can be resolved in same way. Besides these critical issues there are other less critical, but not uncommon in case of a sandbox environment.


A lot of these issues listed above may apply for BizTalk production (maybe test, acceptance environments), but not for individual development environment.

BPA is a valuable tool and useful in following environments:

Check this news report out if like to know some background about the tool.


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