BizTalk and SharePoint Services a good couple

About two years ago a walkthrough article was written by Arnulfo Wing about using BizTalk Server 2006 with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. And more were written from that time on and maybe even before. It shows that integration with SharePoint is very feasible and natural, being both Microsoft products with .NET technology. Some examples you can use as background or material to experiment with WSS 3.0 and BizTalk are:

Last one a whitepaper was written by my colleagues Wesley and Gijsbert of Motion10. There are many scenarios thinkable where you might to integrate SharePoint with BizTalk. For instance monitoring of BizTalk solution(s) with a dashboard inside SharePoint is possible scenario. From technical viewpoint BizTalk can be monitored through SCOM, but functional perspective SharePoint Services is a good candidate. Whitepaper will give you the answers if you wonder why. Exception Management Portal (how to configure by Saravan Kumar) provided through ESB Toolkit 2.0 is an example of monitoring exceptions, portal itself though is and not WSS unfortunately (thanks Thiago for the remark). It is not inconceivable that SharePoint and BizTalk will go through life as a couple in a lot of Enterprise architectures today and tomorrow. I myself have not yet experimented with WSS 3.0 and BizTalk, but given the momentum both are having right now I will soon. What I've found on sources, I would like to share with you.


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