BizTalk Server and "Oslo" and .NET

In light of the announced and presented project OSLO, Microsoft’s modeling platform, during last PDC makes it interesting how it will relate to BizTalk. The reason I think it is interesting is, because of OSLO architecture (displayed below).

OLSO Architecture

If you look at runtimes, than BizTalk could be a runtime for models. At Microsoft’s BizTalk Server website it is stated in the roadmap that:

In fact, you won’t need to upgrade BizTalk Server to take advantage of "Oslo" – current BizTalk Server 2006 R2 or BizTalk Server 2009 customers can benefit from "Oslo" by being able to leverage and compose existing services into new composite applications. BizTalk Server today provides the ability to service enable LOB systems or trading partners as web services (using WCF supported protocols), which can be composed with the "Oslo" modeling technologies.

Hopefully more will be made clear how OSLO and BizTalk will work together during coming SOA & BPM Conference end of January 2009. I for one sure like to know how to model an orchestration and run it through BizTalk. Microsoft will continue to support XLANG orchestration technology, so format coming from Quandrant or Repository will be XLANG (I presume). But there is some interesting points made in a post by flatlander how BizTalk should relate to OSLO, and why XLANG should not compete with WF/WCF combination as a runtime for orchestration (later is superior); read this !!!


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