BizTalk Sandbox Installation on Vista

There are various approaches for developing BizTalk solutions in team environments e.g. isolated "sandbox" models versus shared development servers, the use of VPC or physical boxes and moving from development to staging to production. Having a “sandbox” is best option, which is something I learned recently during a session at BTUG. Having an isolated environment to develop, test and build your solution is a good thing, because it is difficult to develop a single solution with more developers and one will get in the way with another during development (have to share the same management database for instance). Using TFS for source control is a good thing and one can check in/out his solution in his own environment with his own management database and so on. Isolated environment can be a VPC or a physical box with an operating system Windows Server 2003 or even Vista, which Jay Kinker did a recent post about. Yes an installation of BizTalk is possible and works fine on Vista, which means it can be a suitable isolated environment to  develop with BizTalk and a possible choice for a sandbox.


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