BizTalk Application LifeCycle

New Year 2009 has started a already read some interesting blog posts. One by Lucas Vogel about how Zapthink thinks wrong about BizTalk Server. Or viewing and tracking in BizTalk Server 2009 CTP and aggregated monitoring using BizMon. Very interesting reading material. I myself am working on a process around BizTalk Application LifeCycle: Analyse, Design, Build, Test, Deploy and Administration (Maintenance).


Process involves a couple of steps to be able to analyze requirements for a BizTalk Application to fit in a certain architecture or impact of a change to a existing BizTalk application. Next design of application or change to existing design. Build or change application, tests in one or more environments (OTAP) and deploy. Final step is maintenance/administration. In future blog posts I will further explain things involving this process.


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